Hamraaz App Download Latest Version Free For Android 2021

What is the Hamraaz App 

Hamraaz app is an android software app made by the India Government to serve the members of the army. This app developed by the ministry of information technology. it is useful for army Jawans. This app using for army jawans can access salary info and other work made by the India government. This app can be downloaded free but Hamraaz app is download only for army members.

 Indian Military 

Hamraaz apk only use for commissioners and personal of the Indian military. Army members access to pay slip and relate services. Army members can access their pay slip using this app. if the members access payslip then give a password then open the file. The password is the first four digits of the member pan card, together with the month and date of the birth. then the file downloadable for army members. Hamraaz is a very useful app for the Indian Army. This app provides the best and fastest information. The Hamraaz app is free to use.This app has only been downloaded on Google. Hamraaz app cannot be downloaded on Play Store. The language of this app is English. This app was developed for the Indian Army in 2017.An Indian citizen cannot use the Hamraaz app.This app is especially for Indian Army.

 How to Download Hamraaz App latest version

 If you want to download Hamraaz app, go to Hindustani Army website and download this app for free.This app will be automatically saved to the SD card after clicking the download button. After downloading this app, install and sign up again. If you sign up for the Hamraaz app, enter the Aadhar card number and see the details of your payment and services.

 How to use Hamraaz app

The Hamraaz app is very easy to use. open the Easy Hamraaz app then sign up / login to this app.If you choose to sign up, this app will ask the app some questions like Aadhaar card number etc.This app will ask the details of your army and fill in some questions in the form. After signing up you can then check all information about services and payments. 

Pay Slip Download

 If you want to download Peace Slip, sign in with the Easy  app username and password. Open after downloading payslips.Many members have a lot of trouble opening a pay slip. Remember that you cannot open Pay Slip without the correct password. Make sure you have your number before signing in to this app Link to your Aadhaar card.It is very important that the  app registration is linked to your number for your link. If you do not have an Aadhaar card and number link, you cannot breathe in the Hamraaz app. The first four digits are your PAN card number and your month date pay slip password.

 Forgot your password

 If you forgot your password, click the forgotten password and then follow the next few easy steps. After clicking on the forgotten password you will be redirect to the page where you insert the credit card. Then enter the PAN card then you will enter your date of birth like DD / mm / yr. Now this app will ask you a security question. If you answer correctly, your app password is set. give all the information to this app then you will enter the new password. Now this app provides your information.

This app is very important for the Indian Army. If you don’t forget your password, follow a few simple steps to reset your password. If you are having trouble, create the Password this app. Follow some article steps Your password container should be one liter wrap (such as A.B), one subsequent lowercase (a.b …) one digit number one special letter. 

Register Hamraaz App Without Number

 If you have a Hamraaz apk but your mobile number is not registered then you can use this app. How to use this app without a number. You can use this app with the help of your friend’s mobile number. users can only use the  version 6.0.version 6.0, this app can use the app without a number.download Hamraaz app version 6.0. After downloading, open this app and forget. Enter the PAN card number in the password. Next enter your friend’s mobile number and submit.

After receiving your friend’s mobile number, receive the opt-in code and then enter the code. Now fill in some security questions for this app.After completing the security question and then create a new password. Now you can use this app without any number. Remember that this is the only benefit In  app version 6.0 The latest version of this app is 6.52 The Indian Ministry of Technology has launched the latest version of the this app for the Indian Army. Hamraaz  added a new feature.

 The Latest Version 6.52

This version is different from version 6.51.download the latest version of this app and enjoy the new feature. After entering the PAN number and password, now open the this  app.In this app you can easily download your pay slip. You can download the details of last year’s pay slip.  this version you can check family details. app you can also connect with friends of the same app user.  version you can view the profile and change the password.

         Hamraaz App Version

  •  This app developed by the Indian Ministry of technology in 2017.
  •  1st version 2.70 of Hamraaz app 12th Aug launched in 2017. 
  • 2nd version 2.79 of Hamraaz app 29th Aug launched by the Indian government. 
  • 3rd version 3.6 of Hamraaz app 22nd September launched in 2017.
  •  4th version 4.5 launched on 26th Feb 2018.
  •   5th version 5.0 launched on 19th September 2018.
  •  6th version 6.0 launched on 9th jab 2019.
  •   7th version 6.51 launched by the Indian government on 22nd may 2020.
  •   8th version 6.52 launched on 8th June 2020.

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